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  • SEASON 2 11 episodes available
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S 2 E 1

Estranged Arrangement

Aired on May 10, 2016

Meet the three new modern ARRANGED couples. Southerners Taylor and David risk the wrath of their mothers by forging ahead with their arrangement gone wrong. In New York City, students Vicki and Ben struggle with the Jewish Orthodox rule of not touching before marriage, while in California, Maneka and Mayur clash when their priest declares that she will be his “property” once the vows are exchanged.

S 2 E 2

Wedding Warfare

Aired on May 17, 2016

In Texas, Taylor warns her monster-in-law Melba not to cause trouble on her wedding day to David. Mayur’s disrespect of Maneka in front of his friends, makes her wonder if history is about to repeat itself, while in New York, Vicki and Ben have their first big fight when it comes to deciding where they to live after the wedding.

S 2 E 3

Cold Feet, Hot Tempers

Aired on May 24, 2016

Maneka gets cold feet the week before her wedding. Ben shows a new side to Vicki when he questions her use of social media at her Orthodox bridal shower, and the honeymoon is over for David when Taylor spends the night at Trisha’s following a fight over Melba.

S 2 E 4

Fort Worth Face-Off

Aired on May 31, 2016

Maneka and Mayur’s wedding day dawns but Mayur is still refusing to take part in the traditional first dance. Ben and Vicki return home to Seattle to begin their wedding preparations, while David may live to regret asking Taylor to sit down with her mother-in-law Melba when the two women come face to face for the first time since the wedding.

S 2 E 5

Did I Marry a Man-child?

Ben and Vicky finally get to touch on their wedding day, but their newlywed glow is short-lived when they deal with the realities of living together. David’s plans to move out of the trailer hit a stumbling block when Taylor reveals a shocking secret, while Maneka has a surprise of her own on her honeymoon with Mayur.

S 2 E 6

Who's the Boss?

Aired on Jun 21, 2016

Taylor dominates every aspect of David’s life so when she demands he quit his church and become a Baptist, he finally draws the line. Due to a monthly religious tradition Ben and Vicki are once again unable to touch, causing frustration and temptation. Maneka and Mayur have a life changing discussion after finding out the results of her pregnancy test.

S 2 E 7

Till Debt Do Us Part

Aired on Jun 21, 2016

Feeling the pressure of starting a family, Mayur focuses all his energy on making money but time away from Maneka leaves her feeling lonely. Ben and Vicki fight over how to spend money and things come to a boiling point when Ben’s old car breaks down and leaves the couple stranded. When David demands Taylor get a job before she leaves for flight attendant training, Taylor pushes back, causing major conflict and a shocking admission from David.

S 2 E 8

Where's the Love?

Aired on Jun 28, 2016

Faced with never ending financial issues, Ben and Vicki seek an exemption from their Rabbi to start a family. Mayur forbids Maneka from going out to social events, causing her to question their traditional marriage. After weeks of constant fighting, Taylor and David seek help from their pastor to avoid a divorce. The meeting leads to a shocking revelation from David.

S 2 E 9

Something Has to Give

Aired on Jul 05, 2016

Stressed over her multiple career demands and Mayur’s expectations, an overwhelmed Maneka decides to quit her job in real estate. When Ben demands that Vicki gets a job, a power struggle erupts over who’s in charge of the relationship. Taylor attends flight attendant school and returns with big news.

S 2 E 10

In A Family Way

Aired on Jul 12, 2016

About to graduate from college with little money and no job prospects, Ben and Vicki have to make the difficult decision about whether to move home to Seattle. When Mayur becomes distant and spends more time away from home, Maneka fears the worst. David is relieved to find out that Taylor will be stationed in Fort Worth, but when she makes a painful admission about her health, a conflict breaks out that involves the whole family.

S 2 E 11

Re-Arranged (#211)

Aired on Jul 19, 2016

Never before seen footage and fresh revelations from all of the ARRANGED couples and their families. From Taylor’s tragic bathroom break before walking down the aisle, to Ben’s most outrageous moments, to why Mayur could have a death curse placed on him by simply marrying Maneka–this episode is packed with unbelievable outtakes and jaw dropping moments from all the couples.

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